Superella is the fashion label under which Ella Buter designs and works. Her style is whimsical and playful but underpinned by thoughtful design elements.

A characteristic feature of a Superella garment is that it isn’t one garment; it can be transformed into any number of styles by a simple fold, adding another layer, or tying it in some clever way.

“Superella is open • at this point we can only sell winter clothes and masks • we were busy with autumn production when the lockdown started • so at this point very limited stock, but day by day the shop will fill up • all the customers that bought and ordered stock during lockdown, can now please come and pick up their clothes • thank you for your support during lockdown • we resuming ‘normal’ hours : Tuesday to Friday : 8 – 5, Saturday : 9 – 3

Ella and her staff will do everything in their power to ensure a safe shopping experience • they will also only allow a small number of customers in at one time • if possible, come alone and leave your kids and plus one at home #togetherwecan

Ella cant wait to see all her clients again • she is because of you • thank you to each and every Superella client • very much grateful • see you all soon • Ella does not make clothes for hangers •   —