Speciality coffee shop and lunch venue in Richmond. Fast wifi, great coffee and decor make this spot amazing, not to mention fantastic Pizzas!

Trading Hours: Monday to Sunday 09:00 – 18:30

Own Delivery: 010 595 1070  (preferred)

Delivering Partners: UberEats or MrD


“We have literally turned our shop inside out for you our most valued customers. You may call direct and place a order @010 595 1070 or find us on Uber eats or MrD food delivery. We appreciate all your support during these trying times and would love to hear from you. We have amazing double shot cappuccinos, freshly baked croissants, cheese melts and pizzas on our menu.

We will be working with a small daily crew and adhere to all the strict Covid-19 health and safety measures. Our staff will be wearing all precautionary protective clothing eg. masks gloves compulsory at all times. We will also be monitoring our staff with routine health checks. We will be making all our meals with fresh quality ingredients and will try our very best to be as timely as possible with all delivery orders.