Ward Councillors

Ward councillors are representatives of the community, usually political party representatives though some are independent, who are elected through municipal elections and tasked with attending to residents’ needs in an area.

Ward Councillors are there to assist with problems that have not been dealt with by city departments in the stipulated turnaround time. They are not the first port of call, but a means of escalating a problem when the city had not done it’s work.

Once you have logged your complaint or query with relevant City of Johannesburg Department, email/sms or whatsapp the Councillor the  following information for escalation:

  • Name & Surname
  • Address
  • Contact telephone and/or email
  • Erf or stand number
  • Account number
  • Reference number
  • A very brief description of the problem

If a Ward councillor is unable to answer the phone, an SMS or email should be as effective.

A ward councillor is also there to defend the needs and interest of residents & businesses they represent, by meeting with those groups and taking these concerns to council meetings or providing input into strategic projects.  Ward Councillors also put in requests for city budget for infrastructure upgrades and other special projects needed in the ward.

Ward87 is currently managed by a DA Ward Councillor as per the outcome of the last municipal elections.


Cllr Bridget SteerCouncillor Bridget Steer

Mobile Phone: +27 83 604 0404 (Phone, SMS & WhatsApp)
Email: bridget.steer@gmail.com
Follow Councillor Steer on Twitter

Councillor Bridget’s personal preference for staying in touch is via WhatsApp and that residents/businesses are welcome to join her WhatsApp Council Groups.

Alternatively you can sign up to her Mailing List at http://www.groupspaces.com/ward87

Message from Ward Councillor

” Dear Residents and Business owners,
I wish I had time to follow all the Facebook groups for the suburbs and comments. I simply don’t!  Please help me and log issues correctly and contact me via email if you need further help.
So here is the list of how to log the most common problems faced by residents – Thanks to Cllr Tim Truluck.
Unresolved City of Joburg issues that are older than 90 days can be referred to the CoJ Ombudsman. Please make use of this channel to hold the City of Joburg accountable for service delivery. Contact 087 980 0058, info@joburgombudsman.org.za, www.joburgombudsman.org.za
Billing and Disconnections (in Region B)
Please go to the Randburg Revenue Centre, cnr Bram Fischer and Jan Smuts. Open Mon-Fri 8am-3pm.
Joburg Water (includes sewers)
customer@jwater.co.za, @joburgwater
City Power (includes street lights and traffic lights)
Outages: citypower.mobi or visit www.citypower.co.za and click “Fault Reporting”, @citypowerjhb,
Smart meters: wmcqueries@citypower.co.za
Meter readings readings@citypower.co.za
Joburg Roads (includes storm water, riverbank issues, speed bumps and traffic calming)
hotline@jra.org.za, @myjra
Pikitup (includes illegal dumping, stolen/damaged bins, garden sites)
0113755555, @cleanerjoburg
City Parks (includes grassed/planted sidewalks, street trees)
 0113755555 or @joburgparkszoo.
Send your cllr the ref # and details of your request.
Log fallen or dangerous street trees on trees@jhbcityparks.com
Escalating the Problem
In many cases the problems are resolved, but for those that aren’t, here is a quick guide to escalating.
  • Resend your email again.
  • Post on the relevant twitter feed. Include your ref #
  • Ask your ward cllr to escalate (remember, there are just some problems that are very difficult to resolve and your ward cllr is not able to make much of a dent)
  • If you escalate to your ward cllr, send ONE issue per email, don’t attach anything, keep it really short (no long involved he said/she said blow by blow emails – we and the officials don’t have time to read them)
  • You need to send the bare bones info in your mail or message.
Include ONLY the following info:
Name, Cell, Email, Address, Acct # (if relevant), Ref #, Problem.
Send NO ATTACHMENTS as they get lost en route to officials and are often too big for the CoJ email system and so bounce.
  • Don’t expect your ward cllr to keep track of your problem. We get too many emails/whatsapps/sms/Facebook messages
  • Don’t put in nasty derogatory language or make snide comments, the officials will just delete your email
  • Don’t cc the world. Most ppl who are cc’d just delete the email as it is not addressed to them
  • Include a proper subject line that makes it easy to find your email again. If you don’t put a subject line, your email may well end up in the junk folder
  • If you have not received a reply after a few days, send the email again. They sometimes end up in Junk and they often get lost in the ebb and flow of our email inboxes
  • My email address is bridget.steer@gmail.com
If you would like to be added to the WhatsApp group for your suburb please send me your name & address to 0836040404.
I am happy to help where I can.
Thanks for your understanding and cooperation
Warm regards
Cllr Bridget Steer “